Following the refurbishment of Betavet Veterinary Centre in 2016 the practice became much busier. We noticed that some cats appeared to suffer from anxiety when there were noisy dogs present in the waiting room, especially those that came from cat only households.

Fortunately another property on Bank Street became available and we were able to establish a small dedicated cat only clinic. It is also where we see rabbits and small furry pets whenever possible.

Timid cats can now wait in a more tranquil environment and blood pressure checks are done with a much greater degree of accuracy.

When we are fully staffed the clinic is open for consultations from 9-11am and 2.30 – 5pm Monday to Friday. There is a fully equipped operating room with kennels and modern dental equipment.

Cats recover from surgery more peacefully in the new premises and any stress is minimised.

Please call our normal number on 01259 721576 if you wish to book an appointment.